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DIESOL 004 – Motivation & Gaming

In Episode 4, Brent and Ixchell talk about short-term and long-term motivation for language learners. We discuss how to build it, & how to maintain it, and we also talk about using games as a technique to keep the motivation levels high.

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DIESOL 003 – Conferences: Attending and Presenting

Conferences are a great way to build your knowledge, understanding, and contacts in the ESL field, but many people don’t know the best way to take advantage of conferences. Brent and Ixchell share best tips for attending TESOL related conferences including how to find useful sessions, and who to talk to when you’re there.

Second, if you’re ready to step beyond attending and get into presenting, we’ve provided a number of things to consider as you’re getting into giving presentations. Whether you are interested in starting with poster sessions, or getting more advanced with breakouts or even featured presentations, we get you started with things to consider.

If you do end up presenting, send us a message and let us know where you’re going to be! 

DIESOL 002 – Myths and Best Practices in Vocabulary

Brent and Ixchell discuss some common myths around vocabulary acquisition, including the idea that students should avoid anything in their mother tongue. This episode looks at ideas from Keith Folse and goes on to share ideas for apps and services that can help students become independent vocabulary learners.