Digital Integration in English as a Second or Other Language

The DIESOL Podcast is focused on helping ESOL instructors find the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom. With a focus on research-based pedagogy and best practices, Ixchell Reyes and Brent Warner explore different possibilities for engaging students in their language learning journey.

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EdTech in ESL

When it comes to TESOL, EdTech is still severely underrepresented, with many teachers continuing to focus on using old methodologies that may not appeal to the modern student. DIESOL aims to help teachers understand ways to appeal to their students through sharing modern technology, apps, and services that are highly engaging, and hopefully have a relatively low learning curve for the teacher.

Research-Based Best Practices for Tech Integration in the classroom

DIESOL focuses suggestions for best practices in the classroom on research-based pedagogy. It’s not sufficient to simply say “this worked in my class,” but to get into the reasons why something worked to have better chances to make the work scalable across many different classroom settings.

DIESOL’s best practices focus on converting the research into the classroom in modern and fun ways that students and teachers can all get behind.

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