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Dr Mary Patton talks about Culturally Responsive Teaching

DIESOL 016 – Culturally Responsive Teaching with Dr. Mary Patton

Ixchell & Brent talk culturally responsive teaching and literature with Dr. Mary Patton, Professor of ESOL at El Centro Community College in Dallas, and President of TEXTESOL V. This discussion covers finding novels that engage students, recognizing where students are coming from, and of course, how technology impacts their learning. 

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DIESOL Episode 15 - Encouraging Independent Learning During the Pandemic

DIESOL 015 – Encouraging Independent Learning During The Pandemic

To avoid Summer Learning Loss, we can encourage our students with some useful ways to keep their language acquisition skills up even when they aren’t in class. This episode covers why this is important, and a number of resources students can use for autonomous learning during the summer. 

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Episode 14 - Judie Haynes

DIESOL 014 – Interview with Judie Haynes

Judie Haynes, co-founder and facilitator of #ELLchat, TESOL columnist, and author of several ESL Books including Teaching to Strengths: Supporting Students Living with Trauma, Violence, and Chronic Stress, joins us to discuss the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) of ESL students as we continue to deal with the shift to distance learning. 

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Engaging Students Online

DIESOL 013 – Engaging Students Online

With the shift to distance learning, a lot of teachers are concerned about how to Engage their ESOL students online. Since Brent is teaching via Zoom, and Ixchell is teaching with a combination of telephone and alternative resources, this episode covers some of the ways we have been exploring as possibilities to keep our students learning and focused.

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DIESOL 012.5 – BONUS: Check DIESOL TOSAs Shukes & Giff Out

Sometimes we just need to take a break and hang out with some friends. This episode is a wide-ranging open conversation with Brent and Ryan & Brian from the Check This Out Podcast, Tom & Mike from TOSAs Talking Tech, and Shukes and Giff from Shukes & Giff. 

This episode is just for fun, because we all need to blow off some steam, so come join us for some laughs. Back to the regular schedule next week!