In this inaugural episode of The DIESOL Podcast, Ixchell and Brent give introductions, talk about the alphabet soup of acronyms in the field of English Language Development, and kick things off with some ways to use podcasts and podcasting to help students develop their listening skills.

Alphabet Soup

If you’d like to play along, here are some of the acronyms we discuss in this episode, all relating to the field of ESL (etc). How many of them can you name? Test yourself to see how well you do!

  • ESL
  • ESOL
  • EAL
  • EFL
  • TESL 
  • TEAL
  • TEFL
  • EMLL
  • EMLW
  • EL
  • ELLs
  • LTLs
  • L2
  • LEPs
  • IEP
  • EAP
  • AESL
  • CALL
  • ESP
  • VESL

How many others are you aware of? Leave notes in the comments if you have heard any that we didn’t include, We’re sure there are plenty!

Listening Skills

The Research:

Ixchell and Brent talk about podcasting, jigsaw listening, and more in order to enhance the classroom experience for students and to encourage them to be more proactive listeners outside of the class.

Do you have your own ideas on how you can use technology to help your students improve their English? Leave us a note in the comments below!

Fun Finds

Ixchell: Musixmatch – a shazaam-like app that also translates lyrics into multiple languages

Brent: Dreyer’s English – an utterly correct guide to clarity and style. The title says it all

Comments (4)
  1. Wonderful show! The insightful discussion on teaching listening skills and using podcasts in English classrooms shared many practical for novice & veteran English teachers. I particularly appreciated hearing your thoughts on when and how ELs can use subtitles depending on the goals.

    And thanks for reviewing the growing litany of acronyms in our diverse field. As you mentioned, many American government agencies – local, state, & federal- currently use the term ESL for the field. Perhaps a different, more pro-immigrant administration will change the language used in grants in the future. It’s also the classification often used in publishing under Foreign Language Study – English as a Second Language. Another popular term used in publishing is English Language Training (ELT). Some prefer English Language Teaching (ELT) for the same letters. ELF (English as Lingua Franca), emphasizing the social role of English as a shared, global and often additional language, seems to growing in popularity at TESOL conferences.

    Great opening show. I look forward to hearing and learning more from you and your podcast.

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