DIESOL 011 – Speaking and Anxiety

Anxiety brought on by public speaking is felt by everyone, even the most seasoned speakers! What does this mean for English Learners? What does the research say about providing opportunities to make mistakes? How do English Learners perceive themselves and speaking assignments? Join us as Brent and Ixchell explore ways to support ELs when it comes to conversation.

DIESOL 010 – Game Design Sprint w/ Cate Tolnai

How much does it take to build a brand new game for your class? Brent and Ixchell talk with Cate Tolnai about gamification, game-based learning, and how to use games to make learning more accessible. Then they create a game live on the show for everyone to use – LEVEL UP!!

DIESOL 007 – 20 Tools for 2020

Why is it important for teachers to try new things and explore new tools? Brent & Ixchell discuss why it’s important to move out of your comfort zone, confront confirmation bias, and experiment with new technology.

In the spirit of exploration, we explore 20 tools we want to look at in 2020.

DIESOL 006 – Breaking Down Groupwork for ELLs

Brent and Ixchell break down the research and best practices behind groupwork, and what to do when students are reluctant to work in teams. They then lay out the response to the argument that if kids are working together in class, then they don’t need technology. Finally, they discuss some useful technology to ensure collaboration.

Show notes at www.diesol.org