Brent and Ixchell discuss some common myths around vocabulary acquisition, including the idea that students should avoid anything in their mother tongue. This episode looks at ideas from Keith Folse and goes on to share ideas for apps and services that can help students become independent vocabulary learners.

What the Research Says…

In this episode we looked at research from Keith Folse in his book, Vocabulary Myths. In particular, we look at Myth #4: The use of translations to learn new vocabulary should be discouraged. If you are interested in the details of Keith’s research, please feel free to use the link below, or order it from your campus bookstore.

Best Practices and Resources

Brent and Ixchell discuss a number of useful services and apps for students to build autonomy as the develop their English vocabulary. Here are a number of the resources discussed:


Apps and Services

Fun Finds


Teagas Reusable Chinese Calligraphy Brush Water Writing Magic Cloth for Chinese Calligraphy Practice


Link to the exact MoccaMaster Machine Brent got

If you have any apps, services, or ideas for vocabulary development that teachers or students can use, leave a message below, or send us a tweet!

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