Brent and Ixchell look at some of the research behind writing and engaging students and use that information to discuss how teachers can use message boards to help English Language Learners. 

We also discuss auto-summarizers, a bit of plagiarism, and some techniques for helping students through drafts of papers.

The DIESOL Podcast focuses on helping TESOL Teachers support their ESL/EFL students through using research-based pedagogy with modern technology in the classroom.

Research Literature:

Comprehensible Output Theory: Swain, M. and Lapkin, S. (1995). Problems in output and the cognitive processes they generate: A step towards second language learning. Applied Linguistics 16: 371-391, p. 371.

Can Using a Discussion-board Enhance Writing Practice for EAP/ESL Students?” Li & Liu (2018)

Classroom Application:

Rising Above the LMS: Hacking Online Discussions – by Penelope A Moon


Fun Finds

Ixchell – Retribution on Netflix

Brent – Hello from the Magic Tavern

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