Sometimes we just need to take a break and hang out with some friends. This episode is a wide-ranging open conversation with Brent and Ryan & Brian from the Check This Out Podcast, Tom & Mike from TOSAs Talking Tech, and Shukes and Giff from Shukes & Giff

This episode is just for fun, because we all need to blow off some steam, so come join us for some laughs. Back to the regular schedule next week!

Resources mentioned

Giff – READ!!! (or listen to other people read)

Free Books

Project Gutenberg – Public Domain books as HTML & ePub files (Australia’s public domain is 50 years, not 70)

Apple Books has free books – search free thanks to Lauchie MacKinnon (@lockey090) – N.S. 🇨🇦

Overdrive from your public library!

Or try hoopla  

Audio Books

Audible Stories – free audio books sorted by ages, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian)

Jen’s Wakelet Collection of Read Alouds – great for younger kids

Not Books

PressReader app – under account settings, link your library card and get all their digital content (newspapers, magazines)


Sync – SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. Returning April 30th and continuing 13 weeks until July 29,  SYNC gives participants two thematically paired audiobooks a week. In 2019, 28 titles were given away over 14 weeks.


RAZ Kids – Leveled Readers with quizzes, 

Get Epic

Rivet (from Area 120 – a workshop for Google’s experimental products.)



Need more?  

Check this article for free books 

Check this article for free audiobooks

Tom Covington- Play and Have Fun

Board Games- going analog! 

Zombie Dice



Online Games


MMORPG- Warcraft and the like

Old School Warcraft3, Starcraft2 

Mobile Games


Words with friends

Poker-Online! has a free gameroom 

Still do activities outside! Get out (safely) and have fun

Sports-softball practice

Traditional Games- croquet, lawn bowling, cornhole


Fitness Stuff

Card Games

From 5 and up, there are fun card games to learn to play and master Old Maid, go fish, speed, 

Traditional card games- gin, rummy, cribbage, poker, bridge, tons of tutorials online

Poker online, card tricks and magic! What a good time to learn. 

Other things that were mentioned that we didn’t take notes on:

Sports Commentator

Bingo Baker – Make your own interactive Bingo Cards

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