Chatting with Carol Salva:

In this freeform conversation, we talked about a LOT of different ideas and resources. We did our best to capture the biggest conversation pieces here!

Carol Salva

Carol Salva is an award-winning teacher, the co-author of Boosting Achievement , and an educational consultant for teachers of English Learners, newcomers and students with limited educational experience in American schools. Her passion for supporting teachers of newcomers is both contagious and inspiring.

Carol’s resources:

QSSSA – Question, Single, Stem, Share, Assess – (+rubric)

Emily Francis – @EmilyFranESL

Katie Toppel – @Toppel_ELD

Tan Nguyen – @TanELLclassroom

Larry Ferlazzo –  @Larryferlazzo 


Fun Finds

Carol: VoicEd Radio

Ixchell: Apieu Madecassosside Lip Cream

Brent: Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet


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