Research informs our best pedagogical practices, but why do teachers then fall back upon methods that aren’t necessarily based on research? Join us for an episode where Brent and Ixchell discuss some of the pitfalls of teaching Grammar. They break down a recent article by Diane Larsen-Feeman on approaches to grammar, and discuss what can be improved in the teaching areas of the most impact. 

What the Research Says:

Even though teachers have been versed in research approaches to grammar, they often still fall back on teaching it in a way that they see more effective rather than the way research shows. Thus, research may or may not be affecting the way we teach. To this end, there are several areas of impact that are worth reviewing. Read Diane Larsen-Freeman’s article here: Thinking Allowed: Research into Practice 

Classroom Application

Fun Finds

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Brent – Kit Kat Duos – Mint & Dark Chocolate

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